Scope of the Campus

Our campus is divided into five sections, which include areas for living, education, administration, recreation and sports, covering 54 hectares of land in total.

Living Area

There are three living quarters providing high quality accommodations, with a capacity for almost 3700 students, with four students sharing one room. Various types of recreational equipment in Day Room creates a comfortable and cozy atmosphere, while offering services including convenient suppliers for daily amenities.

Educational Area

There are three buildings in the educational area, with 32 classrooms on average per building. There are seven training facilities, one Science Building, one Arts and Living Building, Advanced Educational Building and one library.

Administrative Area

The Administration Building is the central of command and administration.We established an historical archive that keeps records of all the accomplishments and incidents since the founding of the school.The infirmary is a qualified clinic that provides the medical care to serve all the members of our academy.The Library and Information Center is the largest of all libraries and information centers in military institutes of our country. It has a capacity of 1,200 people, and its collection of books will reach over 200,000 in the future. There are also modern conference rooms, information research rooms, language laboratories, and media rooms with video-on-demand section and various types of equipment.Jhongjheng Hall is the main venue for the congregation of the whole school to celebrate special events.

Physical Training Area

There is also a track and field stadium, baseball field, bar game course, obstacle course, and various courts for ball games, a weight training room, and two swimming pools. The facilities meet standard qualifications, are spacious, and thoroughly equipped for training students to increase their physical abilities.

Recreational Area

The garden and landscape in Sihu Plaza serves the best recreational purpose in the whole school.