Development of Non-Commissioned Officers Management

 After cadets pass the entrance examination, they have cadet basic training. Cadets have to finish two years academic, skill and military education, and become assistant cadets to get certified. 
Cadets have to complete military branch and unit choosing before graduation. And awarding of bachelor’s degree. Cadets have to serve in the military for six years.

After three years military service, cadets could apply for master’s courses, or apply for military advance courses. We educate cadets to be “military professional, scientifically skill, humane’ and high quality and high effective NCOs.

Every nation is actively focusing on military transformation nowadays. The company commander and lower positions have been replaced by NCOs and this has opened a new milestone for NCOs’ management. In the future, the role of non-commissioned officers will be separated from the commissioned officer, and will be responsible for training and educational planning for lower ranking military officers. Non-commissioned officers will have a wider professional arena to practice their potential.

The Army Academy, ROC sincerely invites aspiring youths with high school, occupational high school, or relevant degrees to join us to create a bright and beautiful life together.