Science and Technology Vocational Education

  After the reform of our academy, there are currently eight academic departments and various kinds of software and hardware that has been matured to a certain level. The quality of teachers and human resources are up to the standard, and various educational mechanisms have progressed towards full-grown.

  • Aircraft Engineering Department

The Aircraft Engineering Department is the one-and-only school focused on teaching rotary-wing aircraft repair in the country, with the main goal to cultivate a basic skill and knowledge of repairing aircraft. The course emphasizes the basic theory of aviation, with specialized knowledge and hands-on experience of how to repair an aircraft. Also, in accordance with the courses offered, and the design of professional certificates, we assist students to acquire B and C licenses for repairing aircraft, and integrate educational results with demand, to raise the academic ability and skills in preparing non-commissioned officers for the basic skill-level of entry into the Army Aviation.Power Mechanical

  • Engineering Department

  This department offers courses concentrating on internal combustion engines, motors, and transporting vehicles. In light of electronic digital technology and recycling of renewable resources, mechatronic engineering, power plants, and the practice of electronic machinery, we also established a testing facility that is equipped with mechatronics, and a qualified industrial wiring system. We own “the most comprehensive operation course for heavy machinery” and “the only underground sewage mechatronics equipment for the license B test” that allow students to gain related certificates and improve their competitive skills.

  • Electronic Engineering Department

  This department educates non-commissioned officers with the professional skills to repair electronics. The courses are planed based on three basic subjects: Electronics, Electronic Circuits, and Engineering Mathematics, to guide students into the professional field of “communication systems and computers.”

  This department also actively assists students in taking all sorts of skill assessment tests for digital electronics, hardware installation and repair, and so on, in order to acquire their own specialties. Our student Shu, Tai-Jung is one of the four people in the nation who passed the test and acquired the “Digital Electronics License A” in 2009 (only 4 people passed in this year), and the 194th qualified student since the initiation of the digital electronics test. He truly exemplifies our motto: “I am a non-commissioned officer; no one else is more professional than me.”

  • Computer Science and Communication Engineering Department

  The courses in this department are based on computer science and communication, with a balanced emphasis between theory and practical experience, allowing students to acquire the abilities of repairing computers, program design, and website creation and maintenance. Results of acquiring certificates based on their skills show that 100% of students got license C, and 80% of students got license B every year. In recent years, we continually won the national microcomputer system design competition. Especially noteworthy, thus that we won first place in the Lingyang Cup Creative Design Competition for two consecutive years, and received positive comments from all participating schools. This is not only a confirmation of our students’ capabilities, but also the best reward for our teachers’ excellence and diligence.

  • Mechanical Engineering Department

  This department aims to educate students in the basic skills of analyzing and solving mechanical related problems, and help them to further acquire professional mechanical knowledge and become non-commissioned officers and managers of modernization. The department is equipped with 12 professional classrooms, 7 factory training facilities, and 7 skill testing sites. The department has assisted students to acquire over 300 licenses of various types in the last three years, and provided students with professional skills to become professional non-commissioned officers.

  • Chemical ?Engineering Department

  This department aims to educate specialized military personnel in the field of chemistry. It provides basic courses including organic chemistry, physical chemistry, instrumental analysis, and others, while focusing on specialized courses such as the biological and chemical nature of nuclear military explosives and military chemical defense systems, as a foundation for specialized skills in chemical, logistics, and medical support, and to assist students to acquire professional and technical qualifications and improve their competitiveness in their future career paths.

  • Vehicle Engineering Department

  Vehicle engineering is one of the most important aspects in national defense technologies. The new generation of military weapons and its logistics, repairing, suppliers, and operations, all require a great deal of devotion from professional technicians in order to effectively elevate combat abilities. This department aims to educate top-quality military managers with professional knowledge of military vehicles. Course designs focus on motor vehicles, electronics, and engines, and have assisted students to pass various skill tests, with a rate of 80% of students acquiring licenses. The department was also awarded the title of “overall high morality” and achieved awards of excellence in the “National College Competition of Fuel-efficient Vehicles.”

  • Civil Engineering Department

  This department educates construction-related professionals in the army corps engineering through courses including concrete materials, soil experiments, and computer graphics and related fields, to provide students with professional knowledge and skills, and assist them to pass technological skills tests to acquire related licenses in the fields of surveying, construction drawings, and concrete. Therefore, students with a career orientation set on this path can further contribute their occupational skills to the military forces.