Character of Education

 Military cultivation and academic education are blended into student’s autonomous cadre internship system. By leading experience, students learn the necessary virtues for soldiers-obedience, discipline, ruggedness, fortitude , simplicity. It also enhances the Whampoa spirit of sacrifice,unity,and responsibility. The character education not only focuses on arising patriotic consciousness but also on building clear conscience and ethical wisdom to make choices between justice and profits.

Based on the four major educational concepts which are professional education, skills education, national physical science, life and moral education, serviceman spiritual education, and extra-curricular activities. Our academy blends “moral, intellectual, physical, social, and aesthetic education” to form a balanced program and wholesome development. The “new culture of non-commissioned officers” among the armed forces has been founded in accordance with the military’s program of“excellent non-commissioned officer system” to cultivate modernized officers and managerial staff with high quality performance in both morality and academics to serve our nation. We hope the students who graduate from the Army Academy ROC will embrace a brighter life, and achieve outstanding accomplishments with great honor.