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Enrollment information for the 106 academic year-Army Academy R.O.C GoToContent

Enrollment information for the 106 academic year

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Enrollment school

Army Academy , Naval Academy (NCO two special classes), the Air Force Institute of Aviation Technology

Target of enrollment

Age:17 to 24 years of age(Youth and Reserve Soldiers of the Society and Substituted Soldiers).

Education: public and private high school (vocational) graduate or equivalent.

Intelligence test

Please go to the "National Recruitment Center" global information site booking test, complete the registration after the implementation of the test, the intelligence test to reach 100 points or more. (Registration must be attached to the intelligence test results to prove)

Physical examination date

From 105 December 1 to 106 until March 15

Web and Phone Registration

From 106 March 1 to 106 until March 24 1800 pm.

Registration documents

1 photocopy of the National ID Card, 1 photocopy of the new account booklet, the photocopies of the student ID card (with the registration card of the third year), the non-fresh graduates to submit the diploma or the equivalent photocopies, (Special status candidates), 64 yuan stamps ... ... and other items.

Send the admission ticket and the Failure notification

106 April 17

Examination date and subject

106 April 22: Life and emotional adjustment questionnaire, oral

Results Release

Learn measured Admission: 106 May 10 

The EC measure enrollment: 106 June 2

School Registration

106 June 19

Army training

Since 106 June 26