Combat Fitness – CrossFit and Army Combat Fitness Training

Published Date:2019-08-13

                 On the purpose of expanding the performance of physical fitness training and test and in the accordance with Army Commander’s guidance, Army Academy organized a team ;ed by the chief of Physical Education Section to consult Mr. Wu Bao-han (吳寶翰), who is the associate professor of Department of Recreational Sport &Health Promotion in National Pingtung University of Science and Technology, for U.S. Army Combat Fitness Training(ACFT) and CrossFit, which is the most popular exercise in the gyms, in order to synchronize the training between academy students and troops. Couple days ago, Ar,y Academy held the brief about ACFT and CrossFit in the Auditorium. There were approximate 1,000 participants, who were consisted of academy students, Sergeant Major Course students, and the members of academy headquarters and headquarter company. Before the brief began, Principal Shih Wen-lung(石文龍) awarded the units and individuals who had excellent performance in the previous swimming and running contest. Principal Shih also encourage the students to maintain sound exercise habits, develop strong physical capability in order to become the example of the soldiers. During the brief , Lieutenant Colonel Hsiao, Chia-ming(蕭嘉銘), the chief of Physical Education Section, introduced the connection of ACFT and CrossFit, the tips of training movement, muscle groups training, assistant training, and relevant safety measures. The instructors demonstrated each event of ACFT and introduced the notification. Through the brief, the students were encouraged to ask questions, answer the quizzes, and experience the events. Army Academy wanted to raise the effectiveness of the brief by embedding the education in games.

After the brief, Principal Shih, also well known as Dad Lung by academy students, emphasized that troops are the place the soldiers working and both healthy body and physical capability are the bedrock of troop training. Student maintain regular exercise habits, forge steel physical body, and improve exercise capabilities. When they are assigned to the units at each corner and serve as the noncommissioned officers at basic level, they can practice physical training in their own units and refine the Army overall combat power through the benefit if learning correct and effective exercise methods.