Glory Military. Dream Starts.

Published Date:2019-08-23

The Combined Basic Combat Training (BCT) for the armed forces new students has been successfully closed today(August 23). People can not the fragrance from Plum blossom without experiencing frozen cold. When we look back, we can find the students of Army Academy class 15th equip dark skin, solid body, confirmed face, and confident smiles after 2-month BCT. After passing the BCT, They proudly put on combat uniform, while they were in the examination of shocking education, the weather in the south region was burning hot and hard to predict. However, we could easily see the spirit of mutual mentoring, support, fearless, and insistence from their muddy uniforms. After overcoming every challenge in BCT, they were no longer the spoiled children. Instead, they have become the armed forces school students with both civil manners and military professions. No one can ignore the cadres who supported behind. Their selfless service is worth of being recognized and praised.

Principal encourages those who are going to be the armed forces school students that they must treasure the honor creed, obey student’s disciplines, be examples, and develop themselves. They must treat military as their lifelong achievement and never forget the initial ambition. In the following 2-year long education in military school, they will succeed the honorable duty of being a noncommissioned officer, becoming the backbone f the armed forces, devote their power to our country, and brighten the colorful military life.

At last, thanks for the support and motivation from all students’ families and friends. Principal Dad Lung and all cadres will passionately welcome all students’ returning to the big warrior family on August 28. Let us bless them together.