English Preparatory Course Field Study

Published Date:2020-01-09

English Preparatory Course Autumn Semester, which was managed by Army Academy, was led by Teacher Wang Ming-chan to visit National Taiwan Normal University and Studio Classroom for their field study on January 6. The purpose of this field study is too develop the student’s pronunciation and speak capability by communicating with the foreign people.

The students visited well-known Studio Classroom and understood the history and background through interesting bonus Q&A and video introduction. During the visiting, the students encountered the live record of English Teaching. The students grabbed the opportunity to interact with the host and increased their knowledge of English conversation.

English Preparatory obeys the education direction of teach for operation and train for combat and develop the military members with English capability. Through field study, the students increased the English speak, listen, and conversation capabilities. Wish this event could open student’s international view by connecting to the world to develop the outstanding cadres with foreign language capability in foundational units for future.