Army Academy Taekwondo Warriors Train Constantly and Grab Outstanding Grade

Published Date:2020-02-09

Army Academy Taekwondo Team participated 1st College Taekwondo Competence in December, 2019, when they obtained 9 golden, 7 silver, and 6 bronze medals, and was awarded group champion. They fully expressed the outcome of constant training.

Qiguang Show of Ministry of National Defense came to Army Academy to interview these Taekwondo warriors. Through particular report, the Qiguang team record the training of Taekwondo team and interview the representatives of students and the coach, Mr. Lee Chun-long, to present their training progress and fearless spirit.

I Principal, General Chiu, said that every soldier must self-discipline their physical capability, especially the students of military institution. In addition to basic physical capability, they should develop diverse skills. Wish these warriors on athlete field can become the concrete cadres in units in their future. At the same time, they can overpass themselves and create colorful lives.