Dodge Ball Games in Army Academy Student Command

Published Date:2020-02-15

The new semester had begun, and the campus recovered its energy. Army Academy Student Command held Warrior Dodge Ball Game on the first week after school open. The players from each company did their best to pursue the honor by team work on the field. Their performance fully expressed warriors’ cohesion spirit and energy.

Principal, General Chou, especially went to the field to open the ball. The cheer leader team motivated their representatives. Principal also led by example to play the game with the company cadres and interacted with the students. After fierce competition, Charlie Company of 1st Battalion won the champion.

Xiao Shan-yi, one of the participates, said that the ball games warmed up the students’ bodies from winter vacation but, made the classmates woke together rapidly, and helped the students get ready for the lessons in the following new semester. Principal wished the students be able to focus on the academy, absorb plenty knowledge and skills, accumulate personal professional foundation, and become a firmly leader in the Army.